Tuesday, March 31, 2009

today feels

just as bad as this smells

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sliding house

saw this on common's blog...

i love shit like this
architecture is sexy..especially when its brought to another level

finishing touches

this is for a friend

...this is the original

and im over this one...haha

my homotastic wknd

went to truckstop in west hollywood..
(a gay bar)

ummmm yeah...i was in love with this one dancer haha

she's hotttt riiiiiight haha

absolut peach..i believe these were like 60 bucks haha


ok im done

im straight btw hahaha

Monday, March 23, 2009


i am asian..
..and a drunk hahah

yeah thats dude from blk eyed peas

(first time partyin w/ fam..so weird)
glad i dont remember it bahaha

whaaaat uppppp

haha so i brought my lil macbook to escuela today...
posted across the street at a cafe

so this past 2 months without internet is mad crazy.i seriously dont even know how i am surviving, plus i got a handful of classes that take up my time. 17.5 units to be exact. haha
one of my classes is photography and im still waitin to get my d60 from samy's cuz the kits arent in yet
isnt it prettttty...idk why ppl dont like the gold

mmmm im also takin graphics..this is what i made today (its a doodle i've posted on here b4)

and finally ive been workin on this paintin for about 3 wks now..um i promise it looks better in person haha

other than that my arabic class has really been kickin my ass..i find it really hard to read.
aside from school...ive been spending my time at bars/clubs haha
i went out this whole week for my best friends 21st...i feel bad for my liver so im puttin tht to a rest.
she loved the xbox 360 i gave her tho so its worth it that im broke now...

well till next time...

oh and welcome my new followers =]
i'll be catchin up soon

im ALWAYS on twitter! follow haha


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