Tuesday, November 18, 2008

she's not an alcoholic, she's not an alcoholic, she's not.


is the mothafuckin homie!
ever since i met her back in our core b days..haha

well the truth is i do not loathe her...i absolutely love this girl (i mean that in the straightest way possible)

even tho she....

steals my shit all the time
drunk calls me
thinks im "hella" ghetto
makes me wake up other ppl
plus if she dies i get her car lol jk

really though we are either suuuuper dumb when combined...or freakin genius!

i.e. 350 z's with a bow
and our new small as a nail tattoo's
[im sooooo excited lol]

watch out world....were plottin get rich quick schemes daily!


hahaha i chose this pic cuz i knw she thinks she got rid of all the evidence that night

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