Monday, February 9, 2009


..really dont have anything to blog about

i've been watchin a lot of nail tutorials lately
and changing up my nails every other day

i know its shitty i just like the hello kitty decal

i did these in the car on the way to the acupuncturist =/

i really wanna try this next


Mookie said...

I like them all, your hand looks cramped though.
you look like a hand model =]

There's somethin about Tawny.... said...

I swear I was planning on getting some hello kitty nail decals & doing the same thing, lol.

They all look cute!!

NayNayGotCakes said...

lol shut up mookie...they're not cramped just tryna get em all in there! haha =P

Rai said...

Soooo cute!

I just bought some rhinestones
to add to my nails.

ariele said...

oh gosh i've been doing my own nails lately tooo and im like so into it haha hella designage

Anonymous said...

love the nails hun!! its makin me wanna go paint mine! lol

Devon said...

wow they look goood especially done in the car lol

Bombchell said...


i cant paint my own nails with design, perhaps i should start practicing

NIC-KIA said...

oook i just left u ah comment and this piece of shit MAC froze!! Grrrrrr!!
Anywaysss u got skillz beez!
FUCK. I pay for that shit!
$40 every 2 weeks!!
[[feelin bitter]]...i REFUSE to be jealous haha
i need to do ur tag...i been cakin wayyy too heavy and Kia will be at it tommorow...luhhh ya

☆ Amber Jae☆ said...

wish u could do mine. lol

Nia Simone said...

i needa learn how to do my nails! i spend to much money on others to do them .


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