Sunday, April 12, 2009

hands off

when i tell people its hard being me, or its hard being a girl, they laugh and don't take me seriously. Last night was definitely one of those nights. I'm at a close friends birthday party and for the most part i was enjoyin myself. I had 2 beers, and was basically one of the more sober ones in the house.

Soooo im havin a heart to heart conversation with the birthday celebrant and some random dude comes up to me and grabs my boob. I tell him "hey thats not cool" and he proceeds to grab my ass then walks away. Everyone that knows me will always say im quick to fight, but really, what good will talkin do to a guy who is inebriated? i turn right back around and folllow him, shove him, punk him, and im fuckin yellin. Of course all my guy friends stop the fight.

An hour later a good friend of my friend comes up to me and slaps my ass. in my head im like WTF again?! i say that shits not right then he goes and turns it around and starts to get pissed at me.

its 4 in the fuckin morning, im tired, designated driver, violated, and hungry. all i wanted to do was go the fuck home.

basically what im tryin to say is why do guys feel its ok to do this shit. A lot of girls brush that shit off, but im definitely not one to fuck with.

and it just angers me that i have to deal with this ALL THE TIME

it gets so old. =/

and i REFUSE to let alcohol be the excuse.
drunk or not keep your hands to yourself. shit.


Nick said...

Thats just direspectful and un-gentlemanly, sorry bout that :)

M-ROSE said...

At least you spoke your mind & let them know that it wasn't coo'. Other females wouldn't, or would be too scared! Big ups to you though, ma!

kmx. said...

Ugh I feel you.
Some jiggas tried that with me, hada choke they asses up.

Like wtf, I don't go around
grabbin your dick.

PORCHE ` said...

Alcohol is NEVER an excuse. That's just plain disrespectful =/

BrittNicole said...
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Taylorgotbeats said...

yaa thats pretty disrepectful but at the same time some girls like that shit yall are complexed

NayNayGotCakes said...

lol i am not that complex. i dont want u touchin me like that...unless u pharrell or my dude. LMAO

Mary Gold said...

Preach girl!


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