Monday, June 22, 2009

The Female Body

lol taylorgotbeats and soulchick are crazy....i love them <3

its on his tumblr:

Soull: have u and Renne ever met?
Taylorgotbeats: nooo!!!!
Soull: smh
Taylorgotbeats: i need to
Soull: yall need to
Soulll: mhmm
Taylorgotbeats: she has my painting
Taylorgotbeats: shes rly pretty i wanna have a photoshoot with her
Soull: i was jus gunna say
Soull: omg her body is wild
Taylorgotbeats: shes one of those pretty girls that be like oh I dont take photos well
Taylorgotbeats: lol
Taylorgotbeats: really tho
Taylorgotbeats: shes hella thicke
Soull: mmmmmmmmmm him
Soull: im jeaous
Taylorgotbeats: haha
Taylorgotbeats: are you bi?
Soull: no
Soull: i just love the female sculpture
Taylorgotbeats: ME TOO!
Soull: mmmmmmmmhm
Soull: speshly if they curvy
Soull: and smooooth
Soull: omg
Soull: long hair
Soull: dam
Taylorgotbeats: lol you sound all hot and bothered
Soull: lmao
Soull: im jus jealous
Soull: i want cornbread thighs
Soull: =|
Taylorgotbeats: u thick too shut up!
Soull: im tiny tho
Soull: u kno
Soull: i want mad thighs
Taylorgotbeats: she got thighs!!!
Taylorgotbeats: for days
Soull: mhmm
Soull: she can feed children
Taylorgotbeats: lol
Taylorgotbeats: shes gonna be a good mom
Soull: mhmmmm

but i swear i really dont photograph well haha


chavita!!! said...

hahhahaha lmao

NIC-KIA said...

THNn u gone add "but i swear i really dont photograph well haha"
yea riiiittteee! Got girls fiending over u!


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