Tuesday, October 20, 2009

those damn glasses

so i've been wanting glasses from


...buuut i really didnt wanna spend fiddy dolla holla haha

sooo i made my own
if u wanna try a d.i.y. here ya go:
u'll need those cheap 5$ glasses

a chain like this from forever 21 ($7.50)

some e 6000 glue. shits no joke it really holds!

and some scissors.. pliers if necessary.

1. cut off the ribbon on chain (take off any unnecessary parts)
2. measure the chain to the length u desire. (thats what the pliers come in handy for)
3. place sml amount of glue onto the corner of one side of the glasses
4. take chain and put on the corner carefully. (hold till tacky)
5. keep adding glue to the rim of the glasses and add more chain to it as you go.
6. repeat till u've reached the other corner.

let dry for a good amount of time. i let mine sit for an hour or so. make sure its also layin flat so the chain wont pull down.
annnd voila!


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