Thursday, June 25, 2009


is bloggin bout mj

really tho, never bad mouthed him
i loooove him

in fact u've all seen me as mj for halloween 3 yrs ago

man RIP

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Female Body

lol taylorgotbeats and soulchick are crazy....i love them <3

its on his tumblr:

Soull: have u and Renne ever met?
Taylorgotbeats: nooo!!!!
Soull: smh
Taylorgotbeats: i need to
Soull: yall need to
Soulll: mhmm
Taylorgotbeats: she has my painting
Taylorgotbeats: shes rly pretty i wanna have a photoshoot with her
Soull: i was jus gunna say
Soull: omg her body is wild
Taylorgotbeats: shes one of those pretty girls that be like oh I dont take photos well
Taylorgotbeats: lol
Taylorgotbeats: really tho
Taylorgotbeats: shes hella thicke
Soull: mmmmmmmmmm him
Soull: im jeaous
Taylorgotbeats: haha
Taylorgotbeats: are you bi?
Soull: no
Soull: i just love the female sculpture
Taylorgotbeats: ME TOO!
Soull: mmmmmmmmhm
Soull: speshly if they curvy
Soull: and smooooth
Soull: omg
Soull: long hair
Soull: dam
Taylorgotbeats: lol you sound all hot and bothered
Soull: lmao
Soull: im jus jealous
Soull: i want cornbread thighs
Soull: =|
Taylorgotbeats: u thick too shut up!
Soull: im tiny tho
Soull: u kno
Soull: i want mad thighs
Taylorgotbeats: she got thighs!!!
Taylorgotbeats: for days
Soull: mhmm
Soull: she can feed children
Taylorgotbeats: lol
Taylorgotbeats: shes gonna be a good mom
Soull: mhmmmm

but i swear i really dont photograph well haha

Thursday, June 18, 2009


just got is there to do??? nada

shit thats why i'll be in SIN CITY for the wknd =]

im goin crazy here in cali...
how bout our lakers btw?!
hate to say i fuckin told ya so

but yeahhhh been so bored cant ya tell

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

new paintin

its called gorilla smoke..

its of my friend that i snapped this photo of

and here's the painting


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