Monday, October 3, 2011

to be continued

So, where to start?? i've taken a good year away from blogging.
for those of u who still follow me, i hope u are still interested in my random rants. my neglect of blogger is definitely due to tumblr which by the way i will still be continuing to blog on. Me and my handsome fella, Roshawn share the blog, if u are interested go ahead and follow.

On to blogger again, i would like to post at least once a week, and im also interested in new blogs to follow. so recommendations pls!

I also plan on staring a youtube channel with one of my best friends. The channel will be dedicated to fashion, beauty, music, basically whatever interests us at the moment.

A lil more about me. Since i was posting religiously a lot has changed in my life. I've lost some friends, gained more. Realized i have an amazing man in my life. i believe i look a lot different too.

...which brings me to

my first time dying my hair.
eek! i have to say it came out way better than i thought it would =]
i've been wanting "ombre" for a while, just never had the balls to do it. I woke up yesterday with a "fuck it " mentality...clearly that part of me will never change lol

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Bongani said...

I am new too on blogging, currently I am trying to build traffic to my blog. Since you started, well done!


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