Saturday, August 23, 2008

puke the day away

first official blog...why??i have no idea...just somethin to look back on i i got a lot of shit on my here it goes

soooo i got home at almost 5 this morning...i was exhausted from playin wii tennis..u have no idea how into that i get! i almost hit aaron and jorge every time i swung at the ball..bahaha..anyways i woke up pretty early considering i slept at 5. but the only reason i woke up was to puke my brains out....which im still currently doing...and its now 7 pm. i just wanna know why im throwin up. i didnt even drink last night..i havent been drinkin pretty much at all since april. ehhh whatever.
this is not how i expected my last weekend before school to turn out.
i am excited for school though. =] 

aside from school im feelin pretty shitty...i wanna drop the males in my life...i mean all of them...i know they are simply there for certain reasons. but they dont make me feel good. in fact they just make me think waaaay too much. i dont know why i allow myself to be put in this situation time after time. But i just realized im pretty fuckin strong to put up with that bullshit. plus i never ask questions and i bet they like that.

im currently obsessed with david oliver!!!!
he got the bronze 2 days ago =]


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