Sunday, August 24, 2008

w.r. hearst castle

im gonna get this over with as quick as possible cuz i've been on the road since 4 this morning...

uncle's driver picked me up at 4 in the morning and i was still throwin up..we headed out to santa monica where we met up with the rest then left for hearsts castle..i have no idea how the drive went cuz i was completely knocked out haha..anyways we reached the visitors section of hearsts castle @ 12 pm where u have to take a shuttle and its about a 5 mile drive up to the castle reminded me of the universal tour..pretty unsafe, which is how i like things haha. 

as were going up they were givin us a lil background info of the castle and on hearst which i previously knew nothin about..basically his dad struck rich with silver and he ended up traveling thru europe with his mother which later inspired him to build a castle..he had a zoo complete with sheep from africa, deer from india, polar bears, giraffes, antelope, etc...but all thats left are some 40 zebra and the sheep deer and some unimpressive cows hahaha..

my interest for architecture lately is what i was really lookin forward to...the fact that the property is isolated and overlooks the bay had already got me..and i was dying to see the inside.

getting off the bus u first walk up a set of stairs and the swimming pool is directly to the left..hearsts inspirations were through european styles and the style was very grecian, roman, and i believe Moroccan/egyptian. the pool was amaaaaaazing...i wanted to dive right in. throughout the tour u are only allowed to touch metal railing and cement. marble apparently absorbs oils..

the guest house has impressive ceilings but i didnt care much for the interior designs. his ideas were evident everywhere and seems a bit cluttered. the best part about these rooms was the i guess that makes up for everything it lacks.

his main headquarter looked like a fuckin cathedral...reminded me very much of notre dame and a cathedral i went to in Sicily. the cocktail room looked very much like the tapestry rooms in the sistine chapel.supposedly he didnt like alcohol so guests were only allowed one drink...fuckin prude haha. i would say there were bout 6 of the tapestries hung up. the fireplaces were the highlights of these headquarters..there was a giant book that i wanted to touch and flip through sooooo bad!! it really intrigued me.also the presence of telephones caught my eye...they were everywhere

he had a nice theater and all i could think about was playin wii sports on
movin on the the indoor swimming pool.WOW...that was definitely my fav. it was 10 feet deep almost completely around and had the most gorgeous diving platform. also the tiling in the pool gave the effect of the water looking almost black...ahhh too beautiful i cant even begin to describe it...there were statues and mosaics tiles all over the ceiling very very impressive

overall the exterior had me..from the spanish steps to the 3 nymphs replica like in the louvre.

i wanna go back and do the other tours since they all differ.

loooong day but ooh i got a cool solar powered keychain as a souvenir haha

oh and before hearsts we stopped by san louis obispo.
idk what it is but that town gave me the fuckin creeps...i refused to go in the mission, haha im usually right about my gut feelings anyways...

off to sleep first day back to work and also my first day of school is in a few hours =]

im gonna set up an album soooon but for now i'll give a lil taste

the entrance

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