Thursday, December 4, 2008

ch ch cheeeesin

is what im doing... why??

cuz my homie just got me a ticket to weezy 3 weeks from now!!

damn so siked....anywho im still lookin for someone to roll with to see common on jimmy kimmel this week...currently lovin "ive been pimpin", "gladiator", and "what a world" ft. chester french (signed by star track)

he's so great live =] and its free

download <3renee

ps. i got my capricorn blazers...they should be in the mail, on their way to their new wonderful home..
also im a sucker for MELODY EHSANI and i went ahead and treated myself to a custom 3 finger ring by her...u can make your own too or check out the other dope stuff she has..

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ABOUT ME said...

great pickups...


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