Tuesday, December 23, 2008

if u live in the LA area

pls tell me u've tried one of these

cuz ur missin out if u havent

corn with butter,lemon juice, parmesan cheese, mayo, and chile
all for a buck =D

i love my local corn man


Taylorgotbeats said...

I love these no mayo tho

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I haven't had one but it looks hella good!

Ameena Ashley said...

lol, those are so good!

Due to the high population of Hispanics in Houston, we have "corn men" EVERYWHERE. lol. Especially outside the grocery stores.

Bombchell said...

OMG this is crazy!!!!! i just blogged about this, from my trip to LA, & u'll see my sister eating one!!!!

love them

[$ H A R O N A] said...

my mom and sister go stupid for it. but i cant stand it. the smell turns my stomach. chicago has corn men all day. and i will buss a head for a leche paleta. thats when i come in!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, i'm so effin hungry.

ayo nay nay! said...

haha im glad u guys feel the same

make sure to tip the corn man

it makes me feel good and i think he loves it as well

Veronica said...

Mmmm those are yummy!!!
not too many corn men out here
but a lot of tamale ladies

ariele said...

out here in san fran they put em in a cup now because we're so clasy and always on the go

Anonymous said...

mexican corn....ummm...my ex a few years back gained like 10lbs off them..lol

ayo nay nay! said...

yeah we get corn in a cup out her too....but its one more buck....i'd rather get down and dirty and save a dollar lol

LoveLala09 said...

mmm...ill def be gettin one tomorrow downtown. Yum! $2bucks tho =[


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