Sunday, February 22, 2009

i miss the blogging world

soooo i still have no wifi
i miss readin all ur blogs

=[ but anyways today i went to the ifc awards.
ahhh i went crazy. i saw mary kate olsen...i looove her

ellen page (juno)
cameron diaz
mickey rourke
josh peck (shapiro)
um miri haha whats her name...from zack and miri make a porno
eliza dushku sp?
mariah carey
jessica alba aaron eckhardt
blah blah i cant even remember

cool stuff tho

the perks to livin in LA

miiiiiissss u guys =[


Rai said...

Coooool. Come back soon!! :]

Anonymous said...

=] wooo.

how effin' cool.
and get ur bum back.

Mookie said...

No perks in NY

kmx. said...

We miss you tooooo!!
And steal someone else's internet connection, hehe. ;)

Taylorgotbeats said...

dang you been gone for a minute good luck gettin internet back

Devon said...

miss you toooo! 'read' from you soooon! :)

NIC-KIA said...

miss u nay nay...
i thought i been "following"
but whenever i look for ur ass its impossible to find as of March 2, 2009 I am a TRUE follower!
BTW i shotted u out N my blog...hope u catch the alley ooop :)

Jervis said...

awww man!!, hope to see u soon

NIC-KIA said...

im back to bug u cause i miss u soooooo freakinn much!!

C a t r i n a said...

Lucky girl:)


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